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Jan 23, 2008

Meet your hosts, Gary & Ruth, and find out what we have got planned for the Podshow.

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Show Summary:


Our introductory episode lets you get to know the presenters and introduces you to the Celtic Myth Podshow. The Show will tell you ancient tales and legends of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany bringing you the bravery of heroes and heroines, the magnificent pantheon of gods and goddesses and the magic and wonder of druids, faeries and folklore. It weaves together the rich, beautiful tapestry of mythological history, battles and sagas of the Celts.

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Show Summary:

Running Order:

  • Intro 0:54
  • Apology1:57
  • Outline of what is to come 2:25

We hope you enjoy it!

Gary & Ruthie x x x

Overview of the Celtic Myth Podshow

Gary and Ruth - your hosts!

Gary and Ruth - your Hosts - with their children

Welcome to all of our new listeners! We plan to cover the Irish Mythological Cycle (which will start with Episode 1 Gods in the Mist) and then go on to the Welsh Mabinogion, with Episode 30 Restless Dreams.

We will also have some Special Shows - those starting with the prefix SP (SP01, SP02 etc.) - will be found which contain modern stories, music, factual pieces and interviews about Celtic History, Music and Culture.

You can also find a Help Page that will help you with everything to do with Podcasts, subscribing and how to listen to each new show.


Special Thanks

For our Theme Music

The Skylark and Haghole, the brilliant Culann's Hounds. See their Contributor page for details.

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