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Dec 24, 2010


This is our Christmas wish to you for 2010. It is only a short episode with three pieces of music and a little story, but we thought it important to let you all know where we were with the show, what was and has been going on and that we are still here!

We have had so much...

Aug 23, 2010


This is our Autumn Holiday Special for 2010. We've got a fantastic collection of customs and history about the Fey in Northern Scotland, three great pieces of music, some listener feedback and a superb poem about Summer by Alexander Pope. Top all that off with our usual...

Aug 10, 2010


We bring you the results of the competition we set in SP19 - the Damh the Bard Interview and set a new competition as well! Is there no end to the madness? :) We also read some feedback and play you some great pieces of music.

We hope you enjoy it!
Gary & Ruthie x x...

Apr 30, 2010


This is our first interview and we are lucky to be able to interview the famous Celtic Folk musician, Damh the Bard, and his partner, the multi-talented Artist Cerri Lee. Links to their websites and their work can be found in the Show-notes. We also bring you an amazing...

Apr 9, 2010


This is the second half of our Spring Seasonal Special. You can hear the second half of our epic 18th century tale from Scotland - the Wife or the Wuddy, four great pieces of music, a listener poem and a truly informative piece from the book, The Isles of Many Gods by David...