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Jul 25, 2009


This is the third and final part in the Saga of Manannan which contains two stories. The first, the Tale of Laogaire, tells of a visit of a great warrior to the Realm of the Undying who given the chance refuses to return to Erin. The second tale, the Tale of Tadg and the...

Jul 12, 2009


This collection of four tales forms the middle section of the Saga of Manannan. Here we learn more of the nature of the Realm of the Ever-Living - Manannan's Kingdom - The Many-Coloured Land. Mortals may venture there (when given guidance) or be summoned there by the Sidhe...

Jul 4, 2009


Well, it's Midsummer. Or actually, just after Midsummer and it has been absolutely swelteringly hot here. Absolutely glorious weather! If the weather is like this for you, I recommend a nice, long, cool drink, an comfy chair, headphones and settling down for a Monster of a...