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Apr 28, 2012

We interview the Director of The Spirit of Albion movie

In this show, we hope to bring you the second of our special features about the mythic film, The Spirit of Albion: the Movie and celebrate Beltane along the way! We meet Damh the Bard, who created the songs used in the films and Gary Andrews, the Director,...

Apr 22, 2012

Pwyll, the Prince of Dyfed, goes hunting with unexpected results!

We start with the First Branch, which tells the tale of Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed and his encounter with a strange other-worldy being. In this episode, our Lord is touring his lands and stays awhile at his favourite Court at Arberth. One of his favourite...

Apr 8, 2012

On the Set of The Spirit of Albion: the Movie!

In this show, we hope to bring you a wonderful gift for Ostara, or Easter, with our first ever documentary show. Starting from conception as a play performed by young actors to a film about to hit our screens, the Spirit of Albion Movie promises to bring the Celtic Gods to...