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Dec 19, 2008

Yule traditions, a great story and some rockin' music for the holidays!

In this our Midwinter, Yule, Holiday Special we bring you a piece about the meanings of Yule and its traditions, some poems, four great pieces of music and an excerpt from Priestess of the Forest by Ellen Evert Hopman. The story is set in 3rd Century Ireland and tells of the meeting of Ethne, a Druid Healer and Ruadh, a member of the Fianna.

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We hope you enjoy it!

Gary & Ruthie x x

Released: 20th December 2008, 56m


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News & Views

We talk about some more amazing new fairy art that has been submitted to us by renowned artist, Justin Russell, and describe the new book he is writing. Both of us have been interviewed by Christopher Blackmore for Action magazine for the AREN organisation.


The Meanings of Yule

We then discuss the meanings and traditions of Yule with a reading from the Golden Bough.


Lords & Ladies

by Kim Thompsett

Kim Thompsett

Kim Thompsett is a musician and songwriter living and working in the South East of England. She plays guitar, flute, native American flute and zither. Her songs have an escapist quality which evokes the England of old with hints of Celtic, medieval and the classic folk artists of the ‘60’s and 70’s.

The album Songs from the Uglee Meadow is due for release on 30th November 2008. The album title is inspired by a serene and beautiful place in East Sussex called the Uglee Meadow. The album features musicians such as Will Summers from Circulus on recorders, flutes and crumhorn and Philip Martin (alias Drohne) on hurdy gurdy.

You can find out more about Kim on Myspace, or our Contributor Page.


Ogma's Lament

by Dr. Joe Christopher

Dr. Joe Christopher

We wrongly ascribe this wonderful sonnet to Professor Joe Christopher instead of the Doctor Joe Christopher in the show. Apologies for this!

Joe Christopher of Tarleton, Texas, author of 'C. S. Lewis', Twayne English Authors Series, writes - 'I don't know that the enclosed sonnet is appropriate for the C. S. Lewis Newsletter, for the Church of Ireland may have doubts about a work that has only one brief allusion to Lewis's Christianity and is otherwise pagan. Further, the sonnet has one weak rhyme and certainly counts on a reader having knowledge of Irish legend (for the argument by analogy in the last tercet) and Irish myth. On the other hand, it certainly ties to Ulster!'

Find out more about Joe Christopher on our Contributor page.



The Standing Stone

by The Bards of Mystic

The Bards of Mystic

William, the Captain of the Bards of Mystic, says:

I was inspired to write that one after personally wandering through the fields of standing stones in Carnac, as well as visiting many dozens of sites throughout north western France.

Find out more about the Bards of Mystic on Myspace. More details will also be found on our Contributor Page.


Priestess of the Forest

by Ellen Evert Hopman

Priestess of tre Forest

This tale is set in third century Ireland where Christianity is sweeping across the Celtic Isles. The book recreates the daily life, magical practices, politics and spiritual lives of the Ancient Celts during this historic turning point. During this time of crisis, love blooms between Ethne, a Druid healer, and her patient, a Fennid warrior. Their passionate affair suffers a tragic blow when Ethne is called upon to become the High Queen. The section we bring to you comes at the beginning of the tale after Ruadh is gored by a boar and becomes the patient of the enigmatic Ethne.

You can find out more about Ellen on the Celtic Heritage website, buy her book on Amazon and also find out more about the Order of the White Oak on their website.

You can find more details on our Contributor Page.


Up Ye Rock Ye

by Saor Patrol

Saor Patrol

The unique sound of Scotland in the 21st century, bringing the sounds of the past into the present and launching the listener into an exciting future for this Scottish band based at their Kincardine headquarters in Scotland.

See their Myspace page and hear more music or visit their homepage, Saor Patrol. You can find out more details about Saor Patrol on their Contributor Page on this website. You can visit the Clan Ranald site or see more details on our Charity page.


Call to the Fey

by Gary

Wild Fairy

A poem I wrote some time ago :)

Breathe into me the wild,
The boundless, the beauty of the child.
Let me drink deep the endless cup,
The cauldron, the grail - let me sup
Deep and my soul be filled.

To those behind the face of form,
Present since the time of Dawn,
Ever-here, everywhere - seen and unseen,
I call on you to wipe my soul clean.
Let he who ever-chatters be stilled.

Let us be one, you and me,
The tired and bound, the wild and free.
Sing to me in voice pure and clear,
Open my mind so my ears can hear.
May the words of my pen be truly skilled.

You and I have known each other long,
Aeons have passed since your first song
Filled my heart and drove me to tears.
Yet have I grown deaf over the years -
Logic and reason have been my shield.

Now I hear you sigh in the whispering grass,
Hear your laugh amongst leaves as I pass.
Let my ears finally hear your voice.
Be aware - that I have made this choice
At whatever cost, let them be healed.


Listener Feedback


We read an email from Arlene and give our thanks for an iTunes review.


The Cauldron Born

by Damh the Bard

The Cauldron Born

On Midwinter's Day from the album The Cauldron Born is perfect for the season of Midwinter.

Damh is a modern-day Bard whose spirituality, and love of folk tradition, is expressed through his music, storytelling and poetry.

You can find his music on iTunes, Woven Wheat Whispers or from his website, Pagan Music. He is also the voice behind Druidcast, the official podcast of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD, for short) - modern day Druids.  You can find out more details about Damh on his Contributor Page on our website.



Appeal for Sacred Texts

The famous website, Sacred Texts, that we use as a source for many of the original texts for our tales is under threat of closure. We remind our listeners that they are running an appeal for funds by selling a DVD of their archives. Go along to their shop to see the details.


Promo - Contagious

Scott Sigler


Scott Sigler makes amazing podcasts out of amazing stories and Contagious is no exception.Across America, a mysterious pathogen transforms ordinary people into raging killers, psychopaths driven by a terrifying, alien agenda. The human race fights back, yet after every battle the disease responds, adapts, using sophisticated strategies and brilliant ruses to fool its pursuers. The only possible explanation: the epidemic is driven not by evolution but by some malevolent intelligence.

Standing against this unimaginable threat is a small group, assembled under the strictest secrecy. Their best weapon is hulking former football star Perry Dawsey, left psychologically shattered by his own struggles with this terrible enemy, who possesses an unexplainable ability to locate the disease’s hosts. Violent and unpredictable, Perry is both the nation’s best hope and a terrifying liability.


Promo - The Dark Side of Fey

The Dark Side of Fey promises to be a lighthearted & informative pagan podcast. Recorded in Southern Ontario, the podcast will provide information on events happening in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, London & Toronto, as well as discussions on various topics of interest to the modern pagan.

Find out more about the Darkly Fey on her Website 


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And, of course, the Awen - inspiration and imagination!


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