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Nov 2, 2008

Celebrate the ancestors with the novel Ravenwolf!

We begin to celebrate the festival of the ancestors with some great music, an excerpt from the novel Ravenwolf and some very powerful poetry from renowned Irish poet Aine Mac Aodha.

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Running Order:

We hope you enjoy it!

Gary & Ruthie x x

Released: 1st November 2008, 43m


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News & Views

We tell our listeners about the technical difficulties we have been having with a server crash and apologise for any delays. We also talk about the new Icelandic film about Vikings, Saga, and wonder where the Celtic films are? We also send greetings and welcomes to our new Portuguese listeners and with the help of Aline Martins from the Hy Brasil Podcast, Gary tries his hand at a little Portuguese.


Hy Brasil Podcast

Aline Martins

Hy Brasil Podcast

Aline Martins is the irrepressible hostess of the Hy Brasil podcast, the plays some great Celtic/Folk music (much in English) as well as discussing Celtic culture and beliefs.

You can find the podcast on or Podbean, or find out more about Aline.



We also discuss some of the meaning of Hallowe'en or Samhain to the Ancient Celts and quote from Thomas Rolleston's book Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race which can be found on Sacred Texts.


Aftermath (Blar Loch Lochy)

by Saor Patrol

Full Boar

The unique sound of Scotland in the 21st century, bringing the sounds of the past into the present and launching the listener into an exciting future for this Scottish band based at their Kincardine headquarters in Scotland.

Those that have heard SAOR PATROL live never forget the visual image, and the vibrant energy they send out to their audience during a performance.

Saor Patrol

Their vibrant pipe tunes and drum rhythms please, and excite, many a crowd from all walks of life.

Still holding onto their unique sound and style they continue to combine old roots and new blood. Once again Saor Patrol has brought to you their very own Celtabilly music.

Aftermath (Blar-Nan-Leine 1544) Battle of the Field of Shirts

Loch Lochy

The Battle of Kinloch-Lochy, also known as the Battle of the Shirts or Blar na Léine, was a 1544 battle in Scotland, fought between branches of the Clan Donald, with the involvement of their allies the Clan Cameron against the Clan Fraser, led by Fraser of Lovat, who was aided by members of Clan Grant. The site was on Loch Lochy. [wiki]. See also Clan Cameron's description.

The Clanranald Trust



All of the members of Saor Patrol are deeply involved in Charity Work, starting the Clanranald Trust. They say:

Our ultimate aim is to replicate a medieval Motte and Bailey Fort as an interactive educational visitor attraction (See more at DunCarron). The idea behind the project is to provide an arena in which groups, individuals and school parties can experience the atmosphere of an authentic medieval working community.

Once completed the Trust intend to use this development as a centre from which to base their work with the local community and educational institutions, whilst also offering a great forum for companies to entertain clients and employees alike. The Film and TV industries will also find the project useful as a “set”.

See their Myspace page and hear more music or visit their homepage, Saor Patrol. You can find out more details about Saor Patrol on their Contributor Page on our website. You can visit the Clan Ranald site or see more details on our Charity page.


Fire of the Gaels & Mise Eire

by Aine MacAodha

Aine MacAodha

She says:

I am A writer and rising photographer from Omagh in Tyrone,Ireland, AkA (Ann Keys). I write poetry and Short Stories, was awarded The Tyrone Guthrie bursary from Omagh District council. Published in Magazines including, Argotist online,Luciole Press, Arabesque press, Red Pulp Writers,Shamrock Haiku, Irish Hailu, Citizen 32, The herald, Oasis Press, Forward Press, New Belfast Arts, Faces of the Goddess,and poetry now. My first collection of poems titled, 'Where The Three Rivers Meet', can be purchased as a hard copy or as a download.

You can find Aine on her Myspace page or more details about her on our Contributor Page, including where to get her book.


The Book of Invasions

by The Hungry Bentleys

Closing Credits

Beautifully crafted, elegiac lyrics set to acoustic minor key. Guitar and piano blended like a vintage whisky. And those lyrics; at once verbose and precise.

Aural sketches of the persistent low cloud in John’s North Western home town, but Hungry Bentley also make time to notice the single shaft of sunlight breaking through, illuminating the Cemetery Gates.

Songs of love, songs of joy, songs of hope to make you smile and dream and weep.

This track is a collaboration between John of the Hungry Bentleys and Irish poet Nigel McLoughlin. Nigel McLoughlin is the author of four collections of poetry, the latest of which is Dissonances (bluechrome, 2007).

You can find the Hungry Bentleys on Myspace. You can find out more details about Nigel on his Myspace page or about them both on their Contributor Page on our website.



by Kelly Heckart


In this, the second contribution from Celtic Romance author Kelley Heckart, Ravenwolf takes the reader on a journey to an ancient land filled with spiteful goddesses who threaten to tear Ambiorix and Nemu apart.

To protect his family from harm, Ambiorix has no choice but to join the Roman Army, once again commanding a cavalry unit, and torn between the soldier inside and being a husband and father. Nemu must confront a past life that is filled with betrayal, loss and revenge.

As her past life collides with her present life, she finds herself trapped in the Celtic Underworld by a god who was once obsessed with her when she was known as Becuille.

You can visit Kelley Heckart's website or find out much more about her and where to get her books on our Contributor Page.


Song of the Sea

by Sharon Knight

Song of the Sea

Alive with soulful longing, passionate hope, and vivid imagery, the music of Sharon Knight is a journey into the otherworldly mists of a timeless land, filled with brave heroes, epic love, and mythical quests.

For more than 10 years, the San Francisco Celtic songstress has been performing and recording her unique musical vision as both a solo artist and fronting the world-rock fusion band Pandemonaeon. Her voice is strong and soulful, with a hint of vulnerability, and her striking poetry is set to lush instrumentation reminiscent of Loreena McKennitt’s work. Sharon has also been favorably compared with Fairport Convention, Stevie Nicks, and Tori Amos.

Sharon can be found on Myspace, but Sharon's own website, Sharon Knight: Music, Myth & Magic is a beautifully designed tour de force about Sharon and her work. You can find out more about Sharon on her Contributor Page on our website. 



We talk about the inspiration that Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting has given us as regards making our website more useable by the Visually Impaired on Show 155. As a Thank You, we play you his Promo.


Promo - School of Podcasting

Dave Jackson

School of Podcasting

School Of Podcasting Morning Announcements is the superb podcast that goes with Dave's School of Podcasting. I must admit I have been following this for quite a while now. Dave says:

If you are looking to start a church podcast to reach a global audience, a business podcast looking to qualify leads, a school looking to boost education through podcasting, an entrepreneur looking to get more sales, I’ve helped them all start and launch successful podcasts.

Check out the School of Podcasting.


Irish Phrase of the Day

Go Raith Maith Agat - Thank you very much. Also, in the show we mention that this means Thank you a Thousand Times - that's wrong. Oops! The phrase for Thank you a Thousand times is Go Raith Mile Maith Agat.



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And, of course, the Awen - inspiration and imagination!


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